Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Wore...

Yesterday started out completely normal.  

I was excited to wear my brand new red skinny jeans........

I wasn't sure about the striped black and ivory sweater, but I went for it anyway.  Annnnd I'd thought of a new background for my photo op.  Instead of my whiteboard with the lunch menu scrawled behind me.


You probably have a very strong opinion about red pants.  You love em.  Orrrr you hate em.  I'm pretty sure there's no middle ground here.

You might also have a strong opinion on blunt cut bangs.......

In my head, my bangs would look Cleopatra-esque.  Instead, they are a little Elvira-ish.

That, however, was not the worst of my problems yesterday.

Upon getting home, I found out the mister had arranged dinner plans.  I had a few minutes to kill before we left.  So I kicked off my shoes and began my computer time.  When it was time to leave, I slipped back into my shoes which were still under my desk, and zipped out the door.  

We arrived at the restaurant.  I got out of the car.  Something made me look down.  I think I made a screeching type noise and grabbed the mister's arm.......

Then we went inside anyway.  Laughing, mostly.

Cute red skinny jeans cannot fix mismatched shoes in public.  


pleated poppy


  1. HAHAHA!!!!! That's so funny! I like colored jeans...I just can't pull them off. But you sure can! :)

  2. haha this just made me laugh out loud at work, opps! I love the red skinnies, I am afraid if i bought them I would have nothing to go with them though. Love it paired with strips so fun!

  3. HA! Love the red skinny jeans with the striped sweater though! xo

  4. That first picture reminds me of a certain someone... meow. Love the pants. Considering getting some fun green ones. I will look like an M&M, wouldn't that be awesome.

  5. I love red pants and bangs! I am wearing mine today! (both!)

  6. that is too funny ;) love your outfit. i cut my bangs a few weeks ago but didn't realize how much hair i must have lost after my pregnancy. now they're so sparse and i had to cut really far back to even get enough hair... definitely doesn't look the way it used to. bummer

  7. Haha! So funny, sounds like something I would do! Glad you could just laugh it off. I like the sweater with the jeans, it pops!

  8. that is SO funny. i love that you were able to laugh about it. and i love your outfit... mismatched shoes and all ;)

  9. Crack me up!!!! I, also, love that you could laugh about it. Love the pants & the bangs. You skinny girls can wear those skinny red pants.

  10. I love this!! (and I LOVE the red skinnies...I want some!)

  11. Okay, so the bangs are adorable, the pants are rockin and the shoes are hilarious. I have a feeling we'd be friends in real life :)