Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Want to Wear

This is survival week.  Also known as: recover from spring break week.

And it has rained.  A lot.

Therefore, my outfit inspiration has been minimal.

I did try Monday with a new dress from Express..........

And I thought a zebra shirt would give me a little spunk on Tuesday.......

That didn't really work.

I can already tell that the rest of the week might be school uniform days (khaki pants, school shirt, and tennies).

So since I got nothin, I thought I'd turn to Pinterest, which is abundant with fashion ideas.

First up, a polka dot skirt which should be on my doorstep within days.......

I must have pinned this straight from the online shop!

Then when searching for polka dot skirt styling ideas, I found this.......

Found originally on Flicker via Erica on Pinterest.

You're thinking, "Whoa, someone is obsessed with polka dots."


I was inspired by my thrifty find from the weekend.

But I like other designs too.

Such as chevron.

I found a different way to style my chevron dress.......

Found originally HERE via Karen on Pinterest!

Love how it's belted.  Don't love its length.  Will always be sported with leggings.

In fact, I do believe someone else felt the same way.........

Found on Tumblr via Jill on Pinterest.

I am positive that's my dress tucked into some skinnies.  Brilliant.  

And you know how I feel about skinnies.

There aren't enough colors in the rainbow.

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  1. Cute outfits! That chevron dress is so cute. I bought it, however, it just didnt look right on me :( I love the tucked in look! Try it!

  2. I love that Express dress! I can't wait to be back in real clothes =)

  3. I love your Express dress!!!

  4. I must admit...I a bit envious of how thin you are and with those long killer legs! Gorgeous, girl!! :)

  5. I love the polka dot look - it has sort of a '50s innocence - but depending on who wears it and how she wears it, it may not look very innocent!

    My Pinterst post this week is at

  6. Do they make skinnies for preggos?? I can't wait to get some this fall! I LOVE your chevron dress- so cute!!

  7. Nice outfits! And I lo-o-o-ove that polka dot skirt. It's ok to be obsessed, because that is a GREAT piece. Good luck with your polka dot styling adventure!