Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I Wore......

All these warm winter days have me shedding my boots for flats.

I've become a little obsessed with finding cute, unusual flats.

Oxfords especially.  Wingtip-esque flats.  And saddleshoe-y type flats......

When I happened upon those babies at a Gap Outlet store, I had a brilliant idea.

Remember my chevron dress (

Well, look what matched perfectly.....

Then there were these lovelies from Express......

Just add a new sweater, jean's week at school, and an anchor chart on adjectives......

And while we're on the subject of jeans, let's talk about electric blue skinnies.  I wanted to keep it tame, so a black and white animal print was my answer.......

Is it possible to love blue skinnies more than red skinnies

I think...maybe.

But if I had turquoise and green skinnies, my collection would be more well-rounded, right?

I think...definitely.  

 pleated poppy


  1. Great outfits. I love the black/white flats and also that sweater! You're the cutest teacher ever.


    Um. I will trade you a shirt with orange butterflies for those???? Wait. That won't work. Our feet aren't the same size. Crudola.

  3. flats and jeans are soooo great together! I love those flats - i saw them on pinterest a few weeks ago and immediately made plans to make my own using boring white flats of mine that need sprucing!

    Glad I found your blog - following you now!
    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings, and Other Things.