Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I Wore (While Thrifting)

I cannot remember an early May quite as toasty as the one good ole Missouri has been experiencing.

I mean, the mister has turned on the AC already.

Come on!

So since summer is basically here, it's only appropriate to break out the shorts.  And with stripes being all the rage, I wanted to sport my newly purchased top.  

Of course, Pinterest provided plenty of cute ideas for styling stripes with shorts (and I couldn't wait to try out my new Pinterest picture embedding skillz).......

Striped shirt........check
Khaki shorts........check

And with mid to high 80's projected for a day of thrifting and running errands (and potentially hitting up yard sales) I knew that Saturday was the big day..... 

$5.00 top (Old Navy)  
$19.99 shorts (American Eagle)
$1.20 belt (thrifted)
$60ish (gasp) shoes (Express)

Not sure I pulled off the Pinterest looks I loved.  Long torso be darned.  And maybe the shorts are too, um, short?

But very sure that I still need to bronze the shins.

pleated poppy



  1. Such cute outfits, I love the pic with the girl and her dog :)

    Here's my latest finds -

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  2. it's HOT here too in MD. but i'm afraid to pull out the shorts!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  3. you look lovely girl! i wore almost the same exact outfit a few weeks ago. i have so many stripes in my closet... ;)

  4. Way to actually wear a Pinterest outfit! I see and pin things with all these good intentions, but then I never seem to remember to actually wear outfits in that way. :) Happy Wednesday!

    1. And sorry to double-comment, but I forgot to let you know I'm nominating your for a Liebster award. I know those things aren't a huge deal or anything, but I feel guilty not passing it on, and I love love love your blog. :)

  5. You definitely pulled of the Pinterest look!! Love those shorts! May have to swing buy A.E. I don't know why I always forget about that store!!

  6. I think you've pulled it off nicely - very cute!

  7. LOVE these outfits. So classy and comfortable :)

  8. You look awesome!!! I love your amazing legs. :) Jealous!

  9. Love the striped top. I really see Sir Chester as a great accessory for this picture. May I request him in an upcoming WIWW post?

  10. Fun to see outfits from Pinterest on someone!

  11. Adorable! No, the shorts aren't too short! We've had the AC on, too. We're in Northern California where it gets to be 110* easily in the summer. Boo.

  12. LOVE IT! Can't wait to see more! Seriously! Here from the Hello Cotton HOP!