Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break

Spring break has come and gone. Sadly, I'm in my last hours of it..........and although it was uneventful, it was glorious. Here's why:

1. Rang IN spring break with coworkers AND friends at a very fun "wellness night." Laughed a LOT that night.........I work with some great and hilarious people.

2. I got to have lunch with mom, dad, sister, and nephew..........just the five of us.........rare and wonderful. We even got a little arcade time in: Hill and I challenged each other to Hungry Hippos!

3. Went to St. what I would call a whirlwind type trip.........with Kenny. Watched him perform in a quartet........ate at Hard Rock..........drove around by the Landing.

4. Slept past 5:30 a.m. every single day..........and snuck in a nap or two......

5. I got to see my sister and nephew TWICE this week for lunch!

6. Got to hang out with some of my ladies for pedicures and a very fun dinner...........complete with flaming sushi. Lots of laughing to be had again!

7. Random trip to Charley's Flea Market with Andrea.

8. A matinee with Kenny.

9. FINALLY raked and did some yard work............and met two snakes while I was at it! I'm sure we'll meet again.

10. Cleaned the garage out!!!

Here's what DIDN'T happen:

1. Cleaning the house........really needed to work on two of my bedrooms..........didn't happen.

2. Remodeling projects..........even though I always do something to the house over spring break, I decided to put the rest of the kitchen off til summer. The counters/wiring of the stove are too much to deal with in a week's time.

3. School work.........although grade cards were completed about 3 hours ago........nothing else was accomplished.

Now as I head back to work for 40 more days of school, I'm just going to keep my eyes on the prize! SUMMER VACATION!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Tall Tale (from a 4th grader)

Today after completing a globe activity titled "Leprechaun Spottings," one of my darling girls approached me with an amazing tale of her own leprechaun spotting.

Recently, on her way home from Rolla, her family was stopped at a light, when all of a sudden a short little man, dressed in green, walked in front of their car. I was dying to know more, so I said, "Tell me more about what he looked like!" With wide eyes, she reported that he was very short, had big gold buckles on his shoes, and a SIX leaf clover on his hat (we both agreed that that was a little odd). On top of everything, he had a huge bag slung over one shoulder and was limping due to the bag's weight (and she demonstrated the leprechaun's gait for me at that point). Then all of a sudden, he disappeared into the nearby forest!

She thinks his bag was full of gold!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rats - The New Scarecrow

If you remember, I had some fun with a scarecrow back in October. Well today, when I got to my classroom, I had a similar, yet different sort of surprise waiting for me..........

Can you see it?'s a rat! Right there, by my phone. Yeah, it made me heart did skip a beat. I don't mind rats, I just don't want them on my computer desk.

So after regaining composure and laughing a little, I took a picture, of course! THHHEEENNN I proceeded to shout down the hall to Whitney about the critter. We decided it had been much too long since the "Scarecrow Shenanigans."

That's when the "Rat Festivus" began!

A strategically placed rat can liven up the workplace quickly. For instance, carefully position the rat on a copy machine. Close the lid on the rat. It's okay that it doesn't go all the way down. It's normal that the lid rests that way. Then go back to your room and wait. The squeal will come, as it did today at about 7:45 this morning.

Yes, the squeal delighted me. Whit and I rushed to our first victim's side to console..........and to crack up. Thank you for being a great sport Amanda!

Once the copier had claimed it's first victim, I decided the rat should be placed elsewhere. The next logical spot????

Unfortunately, no one had to use the restroom this morning. So back to the copier the rat went, at the last minute..........where it did claim victim number two. While I was teaching math, victim number two (also a scarecrow victim) declared revenge upon me from across the hall. I tried to place blame on Ashley, who placed it on my desk, but I'm not sure that worked.

Afterward, the rat was confiscated by another teacher, who hurried plot another crime scene, I'm sure.........we can only expect the Rat Festivus to continue at this point.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


THIS is what I get in exchange for my amazing light up flamingo lamp? I've been had! It's an oil burner, people. Painted like a lady! Whatever!

Someone's getting it for their birthday this year!
Guess who, Terri, guess who?