Vintage Vice

I am a devout thrifter.

Not only because I have two booths at a local antique mall, but also because that's how I like to decorate my home. 

If it's old, shabby, or worn I'll probably love it.  This even goes back to my high school days.  I inherited this condition from my both my parents and grandparents.

Every room in my home has vintage touches.

Except the man room.  It's an antique-free zone, so sayeth the mister.  And I oblige.

You can see my love for thrifting and vintage here:  Thrifting or Vintage Love.

Sometimes I write about my booths ~ and what may or may not make it IN the booths ~
here:  For Sale.

And you might see how I incorporate it in my home here:  Decorating.

I'm afraid I'll never be cured.  But is that really so tragic?  Noooo.


  1. Just found your blog via the collective blog hop and I am in love!!! I love antique stores and adore shabby chic stuff!! From crates to old windows and shutters.... Oh my! I'm running out of room in my home! :) I am definitely a follower now!


    1. YAHOOOOOO! I'm so glad you dropped in! Yeah for finding a hoarder friend! ;)