Sunday, October 27, 2013

Diary of a Laundry Room (continued)

At the end of July we scheduled our last big overhaul.

The laundry room.......

It needed an update in a big way!  And updated it was......

There was just one project left to do.

I wanted my dad to make some shelving to go above the counter we had installed.  Dad is the shelving king.  He made and installed my kitchen shelves a few years ago, so I knew I could save some cash if I had pa do this instead of our contractor.

Yesterday was the big day!  Pa came over and worked his magic....

Now all I have to do is stage those babies!

You know this hoarder has plenty of vintage tchotchkes tucked away to put on those shelves!

And that's the best part.

The staging.  Not necessarily the hoarding.

Although that has its benefits.

still being [molly]

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thrifting Frenzy

Some thrifting for me............some thrifting for the booth.

I'll definitely be keeping this vintage tartan Pendleton scarf...........

 And I don't know who Gene is, but I think he's pretty great..........

Gene even signed it.

I think it's the sunglasses that reeled me in.

Tribal/geometric prints reel me in too.....

This baby is already in the booth.

It took great pains for me to part with it.

And this afghan was even harder to let go of.......

I even snatched it out of the booth when I went to leave.

Then I got halfway to my car and talked myself out of it.

I'll probably dream about it tonight.

still being [molly]

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thrifting Frenzy

Not much thrifting has been going on lately.  Which is good, since the purpose of getting a second booth was to clear out some stocked up inventory.

(Both booths are doing very well.) 

Some old favorites recently sold.....

Some newer finds were just added........

But there are a few things that will never see the booth......

I rarely find these with the lid.  And this one is small.

(Currently holding M&M's on the coffee table.)

Then there's this.......

I have an unexplained weakness for old napkin holders.

(I don't even use napkin holders.)

But probably my best find as of late is this vintage dress.......

I like it almost as much as my favorite thrifted vintage dress

(I don't even wear vintage dresses.)

But the collection continues to grow.

Kind of like those napkin holders that I don't use.

still being [molly]