Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I Wear (all summer long)

On any given summer day, you will find me in my School's Out Uniform.

Old marching band t-shirts, Soffe shorts, and flip flops.


On this particular day (yesterday) I wore my uniform to rent a new space at Relics!!!


I now have TWO booths at Relics Antique Mall. 

This is an experiment in booth location, as well as size.  But of course, the real purpose is to sell, sell, sell.  My garage will thank me.


If you run into me at the end of aisle D at Relics, I'll most likely be looking pretty scruffy until school starts. 

Two more weeks til reality hits me in the face.

Then I'll have to start fixing my hair again.

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  1. fun!!! good luck! can't wait to see how it turns out!!

  2. Yay! New booth! I can't wait to see it :)

  3. Yay!!! I hope the experiment goes well!

  4. Congrats!!! And that summer break seemed like it flew by for!

  5. Wahoo! I'll have to run by and see it, and hopefully you! HOW have we not run into each other by now? :)

  6. You need to rent a booth at the Relics in Mt. Vernon!!! I'd probably make you a fortune!!!

  7. Keeping it real or not, I think you look adorable. I love that you have a second space. I hope you'll share pictures of your progress and your treasures to be sold.

  8. Yes@ I also have a summer uniform that is quite similar. In fact, now that I am back to working in my office a few days a week, I am really bummed that I have to put on pants and mascara. Working in old faded t- shirts and drawstring shorts was MUCH more comfortable!
    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  9. Yay! What fun having a new space! :-)

  10. You go girl!!! Sell that garage until it's empty!! :) I can only imagine!! Wish I could shop your booths!!

  11. OOOO, hope you accomplish your sales goals!


  12. Congrats! I can't wait to check out the new booth!

  13. good luck with the new booth! I have never been to Relics- I really need to get over there!

    1. GET OVER THERE STAT!!!!!!!!!!! But give yourself HOURS! It is huge.

  14. I just Googled that place... It looks absolutely endless. And, then I mapped it... only eight hours away. Maybe someday...