Monday, July 22, 2013

Laundry Room Demo

This weekend, the laundry room was stripped of its 1967 features.

I peeled wallpaper........

Which ironically said this.......

Do you see what I see?


So the mister wore a mask as he peeled linoleum.............

We also tore out all the baseboards and an old cupboard.

Bob isn't scheduled until August 1st, but with the mister's schedule we had to get it done. 

You can bet I'll be spending as little time as possible doing laundry in that creepy, musty room this week.

Is that really such a tragedy?

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  1. Great Demo! I bet you can't wait to have your new and improved laundry room.

    That wallpaper had to go!

    1. THANKS! Yes, we are anxious!!!!!

      And seriously!!!

  2. I'm sure it already looks so much better!!!

  3. One step closer! At least the demo is done!!! Your beautiful new laundry room will be done before you know it. How exciting!

  4. oh my gosh...that wall paper is terrible!

  5. Yikes! Good idea with the mask!

  6. Its getting exciting!!! I can't wait to see the "after" pictures!


  7. Yeah, the asbestos is typically in the glue used to adhere vinyl tiles. At least from what I understand. We ran into the same stuff at our house. It's mostly harmless, but always good to wear a mask, especially in rooms where water is. Who knows what's lurking in a 50 year old house!
    Glad you got that wall paper down so easy! In my experience, old wallpaper put up a nasty fight!
    It's gonna be so awesome!

  8. I wish my guy were this handy around the house!!! I'm starting to believe that I'm I need a replacement! LOL

  9. I'm catching up on a lot of blog reading... I'm anxious to see how the room looks in the end!