Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What Should I Wear

So a dress has been found for a wedding next week.

I think.

It's an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception.  This is what I found.....

Thanks Gap Outlet!!!

If the dress passes the test, my problem then becomes accessories.

Do I go with a pop of color?  Gold?  Silver?  Ivory?

turquoise  //  collar  //  chain  //  pearls

I just don't know.

Are these all wrong?

Steer me in the right direction.

And don't even get me started on the shoes.  Black?  Ivory?  Nude? 

But wait.  What about the dress?

Do I just play it safe with this one? 

Gap (last year)

I'm so confused.


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  1. I like the first dress better. And I think that you are on the right track with the silver and jade colorings... that would really make the outfit pop... but, I have very little fashion sense... so, maybe I am all wrong too...

    I have no idea on the shoes honestly... I say some fancy looking sandals... But, I know less about shoes!

    1. HA! Sounds like everyone thought along the same lines as you, so you MUST know what you're talking about!

  2. 2 cents:
    Dress 1, necklace 3 (the F21 chain - so cute!) and RED shoes!! A nice pop of color.

    1. I HAVE red shoes! I could do that!!!!!!

  3. I like the first dress with a pop of color. Maybe get crazy and do it in both the necklace and the shoes!

  4. What color is dress #1? Black, or that gray-green color? Either way I vote color for your necklace and colored shoes. But black shoes if it's a very bold necklace.

  5. I'd pick Dress #1 with the Chain necklace :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I like the striped dress, and I'd pair with gold and brown accessories, and then ivory peep-toe wedges/slingbacks/strappy heels if you have them. :)

  7. I say first dress....Either add a pop of color, like red or turquoise....or go completely neutral with nude/black shoes and simple accessories.

  8. Ok I say go with the first dress, do the pop of color jewelry (love that turquoise necklace!) and then pair it with nude pumps.

  9. I think Dress #1 for sure - turquoise necklace, nude shoes. I'm crazy about some nude shoes. Just like she said ^

  10. Both dresses are cute, I'm leaning towards #1. You do need some color with either one. I vote the first necklace, unless you have something with even more color. Like all turquoise or pink even?


  11. First dress with the chain necklace. Keep it clean and sleek with cute strappy heels.

  12. Love that first dress. I'd say do it with a turquoise necklace and bright shoes (either red or bright coral or pink). OR go totally neutral with a big gold necklace and gold or nude strappy sandals. ;) And you must blog what you end up wearing!!!. ;)