Monday, May 18, 2015

Thrifting Frenzy

A summer themed round of thrifting in honor of five more school days!

Pink quilts are summery!  I think I am leaning toward selling it..........perfect for summer picnics!

A child's size aluminum lawn chair (alllll the heart eyes) and watering can (already in the booth)!  Can't pass up a cute cross-stitch either!

And not really summery, but definitely appropriate for the end of the school year......COFFEE!!! 

These jars are marked "Triomphe ~ Made in France" on the lids.  They already made it to the booth.  Annnd they'll be 10% off through the end of May!

Now to make it to next Tuesday at 3:30.

Then.........SUMMER VACATION BEGINS!!!!!!!


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