Monday, November 7, 2016

Fashion Victim

Once upon a time, I wrote "fashion" posts.

Quite a few of them actually.

In approximately 50% of them (or more) I wore my most favorite riding boots EVER.  They could never be replaced.  I should have purchased ten pair, prepping for the day they were no longer available.

That day happened.

This year, Victoria's Secret quit selling them.  Devastation.

The hunt was on for their replacement.  Because I had worn them into the ground.  They were beyond repair.....

There was no getting another winter out of them.

So the shopping began.  I ordered two different boots online, both got returned.  I tried on countless styles in shoe stores.  And of course, nothing held a candle to the holy grail of boots, which I knew I would never own.

Until I walked in my house to find this waiting for me......

THE Frye Melissa Button riding boots.

That darling mister of mine had ordered them as an early Christmas present!

I wore them the very next day.  (No fashion post to show for it though.  I should probably stick to booth and house stuff.)

Now THESE are my most favorite riding boots ever.