Friday, December 26, 2014

A Mid-century Christmas

The mister and I have never mailed out Christmas photo cards.  Unless you count the card Sir Chester posed for.

This year though, we didn't have a reason not to.  All because some friends had a vision.  A vision of a mid-century styled photo shoot.  With era appropriate furniture and clothing!!  A vintage-themed photo shoot?  Yes please!

I was so excited that BR Photography asked us to be included in the fun!

And speaking of fun, Funtiques in Ozark, MO was the perfect venue for a shoot such as this.  Funtiques had little mid-century vignettes staged, annnnd they had already decked the halls!

This was also my first chance to wear the vintage dress of my dreams that had been hanging in my closet for two years...... 

The mister was such a good sport!!!

And between you and me, he was really pleased with the outcome.  So much so, he was on board with the whole Christmas photo card idea......

So a huge THANK YOU to BR Photography who totally made this possible and had a perfect idea of a stylized Mad Men-esque shoot.  We had so much fun.

And I got the mister on a Christmas card!  #winning

Merry Christmas!!!

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dear Long Lost blog,

     I used to keep you up-to-date.  You were such a priority!  But lately, I just haven't made time for you.  So here's a quick update, via Instagram, of what's been happening around here.

I've been decking the halls........

Is there such a thing as too many bottle brush trees?  No way.

 *   *   *   *

I've been getting plenty of puppy cuddles........

Could there be better plaid pajama pants?  I think not!

*   *   *   *

All my favorite ladies gathered for our annual scarf exchange........

I gave a plaid scarf and got one in return!!!

*   *   *   *

Speaking of plaid..........

I had to splurge on that baby.  There was no way I wasn't owning it.  I mean, buffalo plaid.  Come on!

*   *   *   *

My sister discovered a new coffee shop that had a red velvet latte on the menu.......

I had to try it.  Because redvelveteverything.  And it was gone in 60 seconds.  I considered going back for another one later that evening.

But self control.

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