Sunday, August 11, 2013

Diary of a Laundry Room

Since buying my 1967 time capsule in 2006, I slowly renovated one room at time.  The last room to need a major overhaul was the laundry room.......

I had a specific vision for it.  Light and airy with a vintage cottage vibe.

Renovations got underway last Monday.

When I got home that day, I discovered that they had installed the cement board, repaired the walls, and painted a bit.........

Day two was much more exciting to come home to.  I had tile.......

Day three was fun too.  I arrived home to find minty green walls and grouted tile.........

But on day four the room really started to take shape.  My custom counter was installed.  Wainscoting adorned the walls.  And we got a working toilet............

Day five consisted of finishing up small things...........more painting.........changing out old switches and fixtures for new...........and moving the washer and dryer back in.

And that's where Bob's work ended (our contractor).

The rest is up to us.  Dad is making my shelves for above the counter.  And I need to finish painting our cabinet doors.

School has started.  So these last few details may take some time.

Here's where we are currently.........

I'm giddy.

I'll be even more giddy when I can share a completely finished room.

Oh, and what sayeth you on cutting up this vintage feedsack material for curtains?

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  1. GIRL - this looks SOOO awesome! I'm beyond excited for you! Love the mint walls and the white looks so clean. WOOHOO!!


  2. i love the mint walls! i can't wait to see the shelves! :)

    marie from listening rather then speaking

    1. haha i feel the same way about summer. it seems like it is going extremely fast.

  3. Wow looking good! I am in the middle of a major bath remodel and I'm so excited for it to be finished!

  4. I love it, D! It looks so great! Nice job!

  5. Ahhh! It looks BEAUTIFUL! Still dying over that tile. And I say yes to the curtains!

  6. Wow! What a transformation! Well done. :)

  7. Already a million times better, even if you're not done yet! :)

  8. It looks so good! You'll smile now every time you go in there, even if it is to do stupid laundry...
    I think you should cut them. You'll have cute little curtains and some extra fabric for more projects!

  9. Cool! It's really coming along! Amazing!

  10. I absolutely love the floor, wainscoting, and the wall color! Great all around. =]


  11. Yes and YES on those feedsack curtains!! What a beautiful laundry room Danavee! You're laundry is never, ever gonna pile up with a room like that to hang out in. Can't wait to see the final details ;)

  12. SUPER cute!!!! I love the tile.. my only criticism.. when you are on the toilet.. do you just think about laundry??? thats not bad I guess...

  13. Looks good. I like your choice of tile.

  14. Oh this is so much nicer! Congrats on accomplishing this lovely room.

  15. Yay, the LIGHT! It looks awesome! I am also in love with (and jealous of) your fabulous tile.

  16. I can't wait to see the finished product. This makes me want to start a project in my home!!!