Sunday, February 22, 2009

White Elephants & Pink Flamingos

This week promises one of my favorite events of the year at work: The White Elephant Gift Exchange.

year, I try my hardest to find a gift that will warrant the most laughs. I felt the most success with my gift from last year. I wrapped it in the prettiest of paper with a lovely bow on ensure that someone would really want it, based on it's outward appearance. The gift did not disappoint. The laughs were aplenty. It was, after all, an autographed, framed photo of myself......a school picture, nonetheless.......with "To my biggest fan......Love, Danavee" scrawled across the bottom. It ended up perched on a shelf in the front office for quite some time.

Now how do you beat that?

You go to the Salvation Army.

There were many great options to choose from...........such as:

Yes, this bike seat was a great choice, but a little pricey at almost $7.00. I kept on hunting. Soon after, I eyeballed this beauty:

This lamp was a perfect choice, but alas, I had no light bulb to test! How could I be sure that it worked? I decided to keep searching.

While wandering the aisles, we did get a bit sidetracked. Whitney and I decided that not only might there be a white elephant gift out there, but also potential fashion options for US! Amidst the racks of skirts, sweaters, and shoes, my partner in crime was overcome at the sight of a fur collar. There's something about fur that brings the animal out in people. It was her color.

After the fashion show, we decided that we had to buckle down and get SERIOUS about this shopping excursion!

And that's when it happened! The perfect item came into view! The big question was, "Will it work?" I frantically searched for an outlet...........and TA DA!

And as sure as flamingos are pink, this sucker WORKED! And it was MINE!


  1. I wish they would've had flamingo yard ornaments.

  2. I WANT THAT!!! You MUST bring it!!