Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Rather Eventful Birthday

It all began with gifts being thrust at me.....while I was trying to do attendance first thing in the morning last Friday. As I was "ooohhhhing" and "aaahhhhing" over candles and lotions, the intercom came on, and it was serious. The black sky had indeed turned into something severe. The voice over the intercom said, "Take cover NOW!" My kids looked at me, I dropped the gifts, and down we went to our designated spot for tornado drills. However, this was not a drill. We ducked and covered for about 25 minutes. Then shortly after we were sent back to class, the lights went out. For an hour. There were squeals of delight, for sure.

Later, after normalcy returned, my parents, sister, and nephew came to bring birthday treats. That was great.......until dad began his antics........such as, "This is where my alien implant is." And he would show a spot on his collarbone. The boys were like, "COOL!" My head room mother who happened to stop by (to drop off a very cool gift) was like, "WHAT?"

Very Cool Gift: My fave flowers, in my fave color, with five gift certificates, including restaurants, book stores, Lowes, and Wal-Mart.

After the workday was over, I was relieved to get home. I pulled into the driveway.......hit the garage door opener.........and was greeted with NOTHING.

Translation: NO ELECTRICITY!

Calmly, I went inside and paced around the house. Yep, no lights......no display on the microwave......etc. I was still calm and not too worried. A basic power outage from the morning storm, no problem! I decided to check out the backyard at this point. My front yard had been littered with limbs, so I figured there would be some carnage in the backyard too.

I was not only greeted with carnage, in the form of HUGE downed limbs, but also a completely severed power line hanging from the roof. The backyard looked like a war zone. Branches and limbs were everywhere and had brought the power line down with them.

It took two full days for City Utilities to get to my downed line. That was fine. It was the weekend.

Hey, by the way, no judging my faded vintage lawn chairs. I love them just the way they are. And the backyard is a work in progress people. When you buy a fixer upper, the yard usually needs some fixing up too!

ANYWAY, then the worst happened. When they restored power, a surge occurred leaving my brand new dishwasher and flatscreen tv completely dead. It even killed the expensive surge protector the tv was plugged into. I have dead DVD players and VCR's too.

So I'm bummed. I don't want to deal with insurance and warranties, but here I go! No choice!

In the midst of the yucky situation, I DID have a great birthday dinner Friday night........sushi and great friends..........then GUITAR HERO!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to my posse! I love you all!


  1. That will be a day you will never forget! Good times to look back on!

  2. May 8th is a powerful day! Did I ever point out that it was your birthday when I found out I was pregnant with Jack?! And this year's events were exciting and crazy as well!

    By the way, how come "creepy man voice" doesn't come over the loud speaker on ACTUAL tornado days? "This is NOT a test of the Emergency outdoor alert system... GET TO YOUR DANG SHELTER AND AVOID THE 'CHEESE' ATOP YOUR SUSHI TONIGHT." (I'm just saying.. I think that is what he would say.)