Wednesday, January 27, 2010


With the threat of inclement weather occurring later this week, I'm filled with GREAT ANTICIPATION!

For another snow day, of course!

I can't take my eyes off of the radar
. I keep refreshing the National Weather Service website. Take a look at the pending forecast (compliments of KY3)! What great snowfall predictions! That'll get us outta school on Friday, without a doubt!

You might wonder about my love for snow days. I analyzed this myself......

While I DO NOT want to go to school in June, I DO love unexpected days off! I suppose that makes me a "live in the moment" type of girl.

That's IT!
I live for the moment. That's why the thought of a potential unexpected day off is so appealing!

I'm even planning ahead:
  • Get firewood in
  • Buy groceries for some snow day baking
  • Finish Eclipse
  • Start Breaking Dawn
  • Starbucks run
  • Spend time at sister's with niece and nephew
You might wonder if a ~live in the moment~ type of girl can also plan ahead. Of course! I'd say I'm flexible, plan or no plan.
So come what may.

Even if I end up teaching reading, science, and math on Friday.

In that case, there will be a day in May where I'll be living in the moment.


  1. Agreed! My plans are to be in St. Louis... wonder if that will work out. Wal-Mart run tonight regardless!

  2. Depends on the moment, right? I do not want to live through any more moments of inside recess, for instance. Plllease.... not one more moment.

    (Will you plan my snow day for me? Yours sound so much more fun than mine.)

  3. Regarding inside recess, not even if you hear a child say, "she has man arms"?

    Whitney's Snow Day: DDR with Danavee, Starbucks, baking cookies with the kids, more DDR with Danavee, mimosas with Danavee, a new blog entry about marlins, FB time, emailing Danavee (once I leave), annnnnd a nap or workout (you choose).

  4. WHAT A DAY!!! You will be planning all my snow days from here on out. Hahahaha!