Thursday, May 29, 2014

Recently (via Instagram)

May is a good month.

It's my birthday month.  It's our anniversary month.  And usually, school dismisses for the summer.

But I'll be working for another week or so.  Lots of snow this winter and an unforeseen boil order pushed our dismissal date well into June.

Gizzy fainted over the news..........

It's all good though.  The weather has been quite damp, so that lessens the blow.........

My Wal-Mart boots have been very handy lately.  (Not that I wouldn't mind a pair of Clementine Hunters.)

When the weather has cooperated, however, I've been taking advantage of it.........

Shouldn't everyone hit up the lake on Memorial Day?

And shouldn't everyone creep on their friend's porch during a lunch break? 

Then post it on Instagram for her to find?


(It's very fun.)

What else is fun?  Jumping on bandwagons.  I'm not much for that typically, but this one had me completely intrigued..........

Because migraines.

I've tried so many things.........acupuncture and massage therapy...........and nothing has worked.

I'm optimistic.

And also curious if anyone else has had success with oils for migraines.  Please share!

With seven more days of school left, I might need your suggestions.

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  1. I'm totally interested to see if the oils work for you...I haven't yet jumped on the bandwagon but have totally considered it for Hubby's allergies!

    And did Gizmo faint again when DESE said you had to make up the boil order day?!?

  2. Well, that pup is just adorable. If not a little overdramatic ;)

  3. I curious to hear if your migraine solution works also. I am very lucky not to get them, but my mom, grandmother and best friend do. And YES you NEED those Hunters! Your Wal-Mart boots function well, but Hunters totally brighten up a rainy day, and the orange ones are amazing!!


  4. Who did you have snap the pic of your rain boots? I finally splurged and got a pair of Hunters and now Grace is obsessed with them. Love your porch creeping. Love that sweet puppy, too. I hope you'll be enjoying summer break soon (if you aren't already!).