Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thrifting Frenzy

Lately in the land of thrifting, I've found some fun goodies.  But since I'm bound and determined to purge my own stash this summer, most of this will hopefully end up in the booth.

Like this afghan.....

Already in the booth! 

It just gets tough when you love a color.  Like jadeite.

Now I think I should collect jadeite Tupperware.......

But since they don't have lids, I think I'll part with them.

I'm pretty sure I'll part with this stuff too.......

Even though winky-owl-business-card-holder is pretty cute.

Sometimes though, you just have to draw the line.

When you find an oddity like working double fans with a turquoise frame.........

I mean, come on.  When will I see one again?


And when will I evvverrrr come across a mint condition southwest inspired purse.....

For fifty cents, no less.


The mister says I overpaid.

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  1. The drinking glasses are fab and perfect for a cold summer drink!

  2. I love the glasses too, a lovely find :)

  3. I do like the card holder, but perhaps I am influenced by receiving my first business cards today!

  4. Winky Owl would have to stay in my house. The double fan framed in turquoise would make a great headboard.

  5. What fun finds. I'm impressed so much will be making it to your booth. I suspect, once they get there, they won't last long. Loved seeing what you've found!

  6. I am like you...if it so unique, I can't pass it up, even if I don't need it. I have a storage room full of items I need to sell!! Also, that fan...amazing!

    1. One day we'll be RICH from all of our unusual finds, right!??!

  7. Love the glasses and the fan too - you're all set for summer!

  8. some great finds here - misters don't always appreciate the rarity/small price relationship of thrifty items, and the thrill of finding such an item either... my mister would love some of those great looking glasses; i've been so clumsy lately, i broke most of our drinking glasses... (i don't know if clumsy glassbreaking days are part of pregnancy but for me it seems to be) and that's the kind of glass he asked me to look out for: well made, tall enough but not too narrow and with a good balanced heavy base. there is a silver lining to my clumsiness after all - i have permit to hunt! :)

  9. I really need to start a vintage shop with my BFF. She's the queen of finding Pyrex at thrift stores!

  10. LOL My husband always teases me about my finds too