Sunday, March 22, 2015

Refresh Voxbox

I love getting a box of free products from Influenster to try out every so often......

My favorite items to try out are always makeup or skincare.  But food comes in a close second.


Actually, food should come in first because that's what I dug into immediately......

The Beanitos chips were great.  I liked the restaurant style very much and would buy those!  The nacho cheese were good too, but I liked the flavor of the plain chips even better!  And believe it or not, these are healthy chips!

The Skinnygirl bar I got was AMAZING!  It was chocolate peanut butter with sea salt, and I loved it.  I would buy these!

As for the not-food-stuff, one thing I've tried are the floss picks from DenTek.  My teeth usually shred floss since they are so close together.  But these worked perfectly!  No shredded floss, and I like the pick at the end.  I am not a regular flosser, but these may turn me around!

I also tried the black seaweed masque.  I hate masques.  I hate how they dry and make your face feel tight while they are on. But I always stick them out.  This masque was probably my favorite of those that I've tried.  It peeled off easily and left my skin feeling SO SOFT!  The price of this line is super cheap, so this is something I would buy again to do every once in awhile!

Right after the masque was peeled off, I tried the L'Occitane cream.  I love this stuff too.  It smells great, and it felt great after that masque.  I will need more time with it to see if it's something I would purchase, but first impressions were positive!

I have not tried the Listerine strips or the Cover Girl foundation yet.  I'm kind of particular to foundation ~ a tried and true Clinique girl, so that may be a summer experiment.  As for the Listerine strips, I've sampled those in the past, so I'll probably throw those in my purse to use when needed.

*   *   *   *

So, all-in-all, another great box of free stuff!  If YOU want boxes of free stuff too, leave your email address in the comments, and I'll send you an Influenster invite!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*  

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  1. Replies
    1. I sent you an email via Influenster! Look for an invite through them! Check your junk mail if you don't see one quickly!

  2. Fun! I got the XO VoxBox which was pretty nice - free lingerie! (of course, I'm single, so it's only getting worn to make me feel awesome about myself, but hey, for free...)

    1. Ha! Absolutely! Anything free, I say! I love those silly boxes! I wish I qualified for every single ONE!