Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thrifting Frenzy

This round of thrifting takes me all the way back to spring break ~ about a month ago!  I'm proud to say that almost all of it is already in the booth!  A few things have even sold!

These things were added to the booth today!

Don't you need a vintage romper?  I thought maybe you did.

Suitcases SELL, sooooo I buy all the suitcases.........

Sometimes I hoard things long enough that a nice little collection forms.  Then I put them in the booth together!  That's what happened with all these vintage cards........

Afghans also sell!  This one (and the large suitcase) found new homes this month!

Sometimes though, something speaks to you for no reason at all.  And you can't possibly part with it. Even though it makes no sense.

Like orange pillows.......

Vintage pillows are one of my weaknesses.  There is not a stitch of orange in my house, but this has got to be worked into my decor somehow.  Or maybe I'll stash it away until I redo a room.  All I know, is that I cannot sell it.

Well folks, that about wraps it up.  Suitcases, afghans, collections, and pillows.

Orange you glad you dropped in?

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  1. Love that ashtray/ magazine rack (?) and the pillow! OF COURSE you must keep that pillow!!! Orange goes with lots of colors, you know. ;)

  2. I was just going to comment on that ashtray, drink holder thing....what's the deal? It is very cool. I think it's sweet that you like the pillow since someone put a lot of time and effort into it and it is good that it has found an appreciative home.

    1. It's a mid-century modern ashtray! The drink spot cracks me up! ANNNND it can hold albums or magazines underneath!

  3. The romper is so cute! And I always love your suitcases!

  4. I adore the vintage romper :D