Monday, December 28, 2015

Firmoo Glasses

Firmoo did it again!  They gave me the opportunity to choose and review prescription glasses!  This is definitely something that interests me since I wear glasses morning, noon, and night.  And because glasses aren't cheap!

I ended up selecting a style that is NOTHING like any of my other glasses, because why not?  I went with a larger, rounder frame than my usual rectangular style.  And I love them.

Of all the styles I've received from Firmoo, these are my favorite.  They fit my face perfectly and are very comfortable.  In fact, I bought them sunglasses!  Those should arrive this week!  They were even doing a buy one, get one free sale, which meant I picked up another fun frame to mix it up!

So if you have Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket and need new glasses, head on over to Firmoo for a great selection at reasonable prices!  New customers can receive a discount on their first pair!


  1. Dang, those are cute! I'm way overdue for new frames (and probably a new prescription too--eek!).

    1. Thanks girly! Finding new doctors when you move probably isn't the most fun, is it?!