Friday, March 11, 2016

Thrift of the Century

For as long as I can remember, I've dreamed of owning a home with a clawfoot bathtub.  Our new old home does not have one. But it does have an upstairs bathroom that we will gut completely someday.



I was leaving a local thrift shop.  This particular thrift requires you to drive behind the shop to exit, due to the parking lot being a one-lane-one-way situation.  I was pulling around back and was on the phone with the mister when I spotted it by the backdoor of the thrift.

A vintage clawfoot bathtub.  

I screeched out an, "I'll call you back!"  Then I abandoned the car and scrambled to the shop's donation door.

I think I must have looked crazed.  My heart was racing.

The employees got the manager for me.  She came out and said it had JUST been donated so it hadn't been priced.  I told her that I wanted it.  Then she spoke the most magical words I have ever heard (except for the time when the mister proposed)......

"How about $37.48?"


The inside of this tub is pristine.  As in it has zero rust, no worn porcelain.  It has all four feet.  THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN!!!!!


So, I went up to the register to pay.  (Side note:  the DAV has this "check-in" thing where you can get deals every so often if you've registered with them.)  I checked in.  AND YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS, but my deal was $5.00 off a purchase!  

I was getting this mint condition clawfoot tub for THIRTY-TWO DOLLARS AND FORTY-EIGHT CENTS?

(This is the wall side of the tub.....the other side 
is finished and will only need to be painted.)

*   *   *   *

Later when I went back to pick it up, the employees said they could have sold it two more times in the hour they'd had it.

*   *   *   *

Measurements have been taken, and I am 99% positive it'll make it upstairs when the day comes.   Until then, you might find me laying in it....... 



  1. Aaahhhhh!!!! This is one of those "once in a lifetime" thrifting stories!! LOVE it!! And I especially love that you checked for a deal/ coupon. :D

    1. This one goes down in thrifting history!!!!!!!!

  2. So jealous! Our "new" old house doesn't have the space for one! I wish!!!

    1. Darn it! That's too bad! Is there room for an addition on the house?!?!

  3. That's a lovely one! I've "rescued" two clawfoot tubs for two different houses. I just love them. You truly got the best deal ever!

    1. Thank you so much! I couldn't believe my luck! And I love hearing that you've rescued two! I would love to know where mine came from!

  4. WOW. That tub could NOT have made it to a more perfect person. You look absolutely adorable peering over the top, too :)