Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Front Door Makeover

From day one I have always had major heart eyes for the exterior of our home.  I like the green and ivory color scheme.  The porch is an absolute dream.

But it needed something to amp up the curb appeal.

Enter a simple and cheap project:  painting the front door.

It was a dark green ~ with a missing storm door and large stand alone mailbox......

It needed a punch of something.  We weren't sure what, so we were off to Lowe's for a million paint samples.......

I tried three different blues in shades of navy (or so I thought), two different reds, and a terra cotta that turned pink.

The second red, Heirloom Red by Valspar, was the winner......

We ended up selling the huge stand alone mailbox in my booth (HA!!!) and replaced it with one I had thrifted for $2.98.  We spray painted it to match the shutters.  We also added a custom storm door, which was not cheap, but truly worth every penny.

I love the light it lets in during the day.  And the pups love their new lookout.........

And what's a newly vamped front door without a fun doormat?

Or concrete planters.......

I knew I wanted two of these exact planters.  I scoured Springfield looking for them.  No luck.  Until I remembered a statuary place north of town.  And BINGO!  

So a few ferns by the door and mandavillas in planters and we have curb appeal......

To me, anyway.

*   *   *   *

Check out Instagram for a peek at our backyard!  
Hint....two words:  STRING LIGHTS!!!!


  1. LOVE it!!! Your changes are fantastic. And it warms my frugal heart that you sold the existing mail box and replaced it with a cuter $3 version- ha ha. You've given me an idea with the concrete planters- I could use those on my porch and not worry that someone is going to steal them...hmm. Are they very heavy?

    1. They ARE heavy! I was able to carry one at a time and lift them to their perch, but once the plants were added, those times were over! I would say they are safe from theft. KNOCK ON WOOD!

  2. Cute! I have so many things I want to do around my house, but I've been focused on the inside. I know my front needs the light fixture replaced (original to the house, vintage early 1980s...bleh!), the door painted, and I want to replace the gold numbers (also original to the house). But first I have to paint the kitchen, the hall, the laundry room, the office, the guest room....

    1. Oh I know! Trust me! Every single room needs paint, which is overwhelming! Baby steps! I can't wait to see more progress pics! Isn't it so much fun??????????

  3. That red was definitely the right choice for your home. That red did make the front door the focal point, and it really does bring out all the color of the house too. The door draws in your eyes better than the other two choice you were going to choose from. Amazing how a few cans of paint transform the look of the house.

    1. Thanks so much! I agree that paint is such a simple, but amazing way to change up something.......for pretty cheap!