Monday, May 2, 2016

The Backyard

With summer only NINE school days away, the backyard has been getting all of our attention!  I wish I'd taken before photos! We've done so much that I didn't think to document......

  • A huge brush pile had been left behind, so we took a trip to the yard waste center.  
  • We've also gotten familiar with the city dump, since we had to take a huge trash pile that was left behind.  
  • Then there's the pea gravel that covers about half the green space.  We are slowly hauling that off.  
  • Lastly, two raised garden beds took up a huge portion of yard near the house, so we removed that in order to eventually add a patio area.

It's starting to feel like a blank canvas!  

We did stage a sitting area up by our sun porch.  I've always dreamed of hanging string lights, so that was my first addition to the backyard......

My second addition was for our sun porch!  We found a vintage table and chair set on Craigslist for that space......

Nothing a fresh coat of paint can't fix.

So finished or not, I'm ready to have some backyard gatherings!  Some lazy summer nights under the string lights.  A little fire in the chiminea.

And, of course, food!  Always food.


  1. Love this! I saw it on your instagram and just love it all! I've been looking for some of the old retro metal chairs and have had no luck locally. If you happen to find some or put some in a booth, please let me know if you can! I follow on insta!

    1. I follow you too! I will absolutely let you know if I find some! I see them in Relics once in awhile!

    2. I will for sure have to look there! I saw some at Ozark yesterday, but they wanted just a little too much for them! :)

    3. I have seen them for $40 and up! EEEEK! Mine were garage sale/auction finds for next to nothing!

  2. Love it!!! And only nine more days of school?!? Let's do lunch/brunch/coffee/whatever sometime this summer?

    1. SEVEN NOW!!!!!!!!! Absolutely! Let's plan it very soon!!!!!