Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ceiling Medallions and Chandeliers

DIY projects are not foreign to us.  We've done plenty, most in our previous home.  There are a few things we've tackled that were pretty intimidating.  But this one?  This one takes the cake.

It all started back at our old house when I told the mister that the dining room chandelier was going to be a reserve item.  I was taking that baby with me.  I had grand hang it in our new dining room along with a certain ceiling medallion.  The fixture in our new dining room was dinky, and I felt like our chandelier would fill the space better.  Not to mention, chandeliers are $$$$, so taking it with us was thrifty!

Taking it down and packing it was no small feat.

But hanging it annnnd a ceiling medallion goes down as our hardest DIY to date.  Maybe because chandeliers are heavy. Probably because our 95 year old ceiling isn't 100% level.  But most likely because both of us are perfectionists.

When it was all said and done though, we were both very happy with the results....

And now if anyone needs a tutorial on how to hang a ceiling medallion, I'm your girl.  Or you could get the gist from this short Flipagram......

I swear I helped!  Somebody had to stop and take pictures every once in awhile.........


  1. Very pretty fixture, I can see why you brought it along from the old house. I'm a big DIY fan myself!
    I found you through Chicken Chick's bloghop today; I hope you'll visit my place & leave me a message so that I know you've stopped by. :-)

    1. Thanks so much! Saved some bucks be bringing it too!

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