Sunday, October 4, 2009

Homemade Salsa ~ Take Two

I made salsa last weekend. Boy, it tasted great. But the color wasn't quite right.........

I ate it anyway. I really liked it. Still though, I was concerned with where I went wrong. After calling up the giver of the recipe, Andrea (who makes it perfectly every time), I discovered we each had different definitions of what a "large" can of diced tomatoes was.

This weekend, I purchased the correct size for salsa making (round two). And the color came out much better...........

I still think my green batch tasted better though!


  1. The picture cracks me up! Hey it is all about the taste to me. If you liked it fix it that way. You can come over sometime when I make it if you want. Mine does not come out perfect everytime!

  2. We got our hardwood floors at Lumber Liquidaters... we shopped around A LOT and thought they had the best stuff for the price. I wanted wide planks that were handscrapped... so that does run just a little higher.

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