Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Halloween Ever

On Halloween, I attended the best concert ever: Kelly Clarkson. It was amazing. I can't even begin to describe it's amazingness. Kelly has an incredible vocal range and can sing any genre. She interacts with the crowd and is funny! Her band is outstanding! ANNNND the opening acts were even great! It was a great way to spend Halloween..........with a wonderful friend at our favorite singer's concert on the sixth row!!

The first band was named Parachute. We ended up really liking them. Especially the lead singer. They came out in costumes. The lead was dressed as a taco. The rest of the band had sombreros, long mustaches, and festive shawls on. Great music! Nancy bought the CD, and I've already downloaded their songs. Did I mention we really liked the lead singer?

The next performer was Eric Hutchinson. His band came out in costume, but we never really figured out what they were. Lots of wigs. They were good. He's entertaining. Another good show, but at that point we were getting anxious for the main event!

Finally, after two great opening bands, we got what we came for. The first American Idol. Our most FAVORITE singer ever! Kelly Clarkson took the stage! She was everything we had hoped for. She sang her current hits, as well as older hits! We sang all night long, as loud as we could! We stood the entire concert. And danced. And jumped. And screamed.

For the encore, the entire band came out in costumes! They played Thriller and danced around on stage. Then for the last song, Kelly sang "My Life Would Suck Without You" dressed in her Stewie costume.

And last but not least, I recorded a bit of video........shaky, digital camera video, complete with AWFUL sound quality and a stupid witch hat going back and forth in front of me (and some crazy, totally off key person singing along with Kelly).......


  1. ERIC HUTCHINSON?!!! I'm flippin' jealous. I love him.

  2. Sounds/looks like a great time!