Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Countdown

I'm super excited about decorating for Christmas this year, but I'm refraining! I'll wait until Thanksgiving break. Until then, I did find a little something to tide me over. The other night I ran to Leola's Christmas Open House. I was in a vintage ornament wonderland! Shiny Bright heaven! I couldn't believe there were all these vintage ornaments in one place! I bought a few, along with a neat jar to put them in............

This will have to do until Thanksgiving and decorating time is here! I'm counting down the days! For now, this makes me smile.


  1. I like your blog background!

    I was just telling Jim that I wished it was time for driving around and looking at Christmas lights. I am anxious this year too.

    Did you get any ornaments for the Ornament Exchange?

  2. Blog background: Thank you!

    Driving around: We'll have to hit up that house by the mall again this year!

    Ornament exchange: Not yet. We'll have to do that soon though! I am in the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT.

  3. Love the glass container for the ornaments! I'm in the mood for Christmas as well. Don't know how much I'll be decorating so I might have to come enjoy some Christmas spirit at your house!