Sunday, August 21, 2011

Memory Lane

Nothing can take you back quite like a visit to a small hometown fair.

The Republic Fall Festival was this weekend, and I somehow convinced the mister that we needed to go.  I think throwing in "it's for the kids" really worked (meaning: for his little nephews). But really, I just wanted to go.

This fair was a childhood staple.  A must every August before school started. 

While looking around Friday night, I realized some of the exact same rides were there from way back when.  In fact, I'm pretty sure this ride hadn't even gotten a new coat of paint since the last time I rode it....

And even though it wasn't quite as magical as it was as a preteen, I got to enjoy it through a three year old's eyes.  A fearless three year old, who was shrieking with delight while our legs dangled many, many feet above the ground...

So while we were suspended at the top of the Paratrooper, I took a minute.  The view wasn't too bad....

It made me smile.  And it made me a little wistful for the deathtrap of a ride, The Zipper, which was nowhere in sight. 

Probably for good reason.


  1. Fall festival? Does Republic not realize it's August and 95 degrees? And your probably right, it's good the Zipper wasn't there.

  2. Oh how I love the Fall Festival! I will win a Bingo game there if it takes my entire life to do so.

    I once lost my cell phone (original Nokia) and all my coins in the Zipper. Thankfully the phone just bounced around until I could finally grab hold of it...the coins were never found again.

  3. Oh I had to laugh when I drove by the festival this weekend! And then I laughed again when I was in Crane for work today and saw all the signs for the Crane Broiler Festival...seriously, why did they ever think the Zipper was a safe ride?!?