Monday, December 12, 2011

Sometimes... is just a fish stick kind of night.

And I think they should always be kept on hand for evenings such as these.

I mean, I love trying out all those Pinterest inspired recipes.

But, on occasion, we all need to just preheat the oven, flop some fish sticks on a cookie sheet, and whip up a side of mac & cheese.....

And why it always mac & cheese?

For me, it was a staple as a child.  Fish sticks, mac & cheese, and peas.  That goes for the mister too.

Only the mister has banned peas.

I like peas, but I honor his no peas wishes.

I also honor his strange dipping sauce choice.  Ketchup is the only option for me.  The mister, however, coats his in mayo.....


Buuuuut I guess if he doesn't mind the occasional fish stick dinner, then I don't mind the mayo.


  1. Mmm...I'm on the Mister's mayo on just about anything!