Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thrifting Frenzy

Spring break + perfect weather = lots of thrifting.

This week yielded lots of great finds.  While much of it will end up in the booth, these favorite items, most likely, will not.

At least I'm honest about my hoarding.

*   *   *   *

I realize Christmas is months away, but when precious little vintage reindeer look at you with eyes like this....

You just have to take them home forever.  $1.98 for the pair.  Keepers.

Santa was pretty cute too, at only $0.99.......

Can't resist vintage pillows.......$9.94 for all three.......

The plan is to put these in the booth.  The problem with that is.......I love them. 

A silly little thermometer for $0.99........

It works too!  I shall keep it.  It's on my desk, and it makes me smile.

Another chevron throw for only $2.70..........

Fun colors...........very soft..........intended for the booth.  But the more I look at it, the more I like it.  So do I keep the one I found weeks ago............or this one?

And lastly, a vintage polka dot skirt for $5.98..........

Which I will sport as soon as I figure out how to style it.  I'm thinking a bright top for a pop of color.  A belt for sure.  What are your suggestions?

*   *   *   *

Now mourn with me as my spring break comes to a close.

The countdown to summer is ON.


  1. Great skirt!!! Love the blanket, too!

  2. I call dibs on the thermometer when you do decide to sell it. And I much prefer this new throw to the one you found a while back. Better coloring that matches your home. I think I do like the Santa towels too. Summer will be here in approximately 44 school days and we shall thrift much more while we garage sale the summer away!

  3. Keep the new blanket. Love the skirt! Booooooo to the end of spring break!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am ready for a garage sale escapade. I keep singing, "ES-ca-pade we'll have a good time, Es-ca-pade leave your worries behind!"

  5. LOVE the pillows and the throw and the skirt!!!

  6. I love the pillows. I personally would keep this blanket. Great colours!

  7. I love the chevron blanket! Fun stuff.

  8. Super cute thermometer! I can't help holding on to thrifted finds as well.

  9. sound so much like me, always wanting to keep everything I buy for my shop. ;) I really love the two round pillows - I've seen reproductions of the green one selling for quite a bit of money on Etsy - and the thermometer is very cool!

  10. all so cute, but I LOVE the chevron throw! my mother-in-law made me one when I had my son and I love it!

  11. Love the colours in the chevron throw: beautiful find

  12. Wish I knew how much you loved these chevron throws just gave Goodwill a homemade one my grandma made. Lovely cream and brown.