Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Will Wear

I may have gotten another snow day this week.  

When you're stuck at home and left to your own devices on days such as these, you might venture into the world of online shopping.

And you might blow all spending bans out of the water.

I hadn't purchased any clothes since December, so I guess I thought I was due.

If Kiki La'Rue hadn't posted some new arrivals on Instagram, none of this would have happened........


Then there's Etsy.  I'd been dying for this vintage skirt.  So when the price dropped, I could resist it no longer............

Etsy Shop

If only the groundhog had been right.  My spending ban might have held up a little longer.

But I can't help longing for those snow days.


  1. If you haven't bought yourself anything in almost 3 months, its ok to spend part of your snow day doing some online shopping! Love that leopard top, and I can't wait to see how you rock that dress!


  2. I just commented on your facebook page but I doing it here too. :) we keep getting tongs of snow but never at the right time!! we got over 8 inches but of course it's cleared by morning!! I just want one snow day!!! I love that skirt to!

  3. You made some good purchases!!! Love!

  4. Online shopping is the best on a snowy day! You definitely deserved some new goods after not buying anything in so long :)

    The Tiny Heart

    1. THANKS! I can't wait for the goodies to arrive!

  5. At least you broke your shopping ban on some fabulous and one of a kind pieces. Looking forward to seeing the fashion show!

  6. My shopping ban lasted 12 hours, so you should definitely be proud of yours. I have no will power.

  7. Love that skirt! So cute. :)

  8. Please wear this skirt next week....I am in love and MUST see it on you!! Promise as soon as it warms up you will post it!!

  9. You deserve it after all those snow days!! Hoping for outfit pictures soon!

  10. OK...LOVE the dress! LOVE that skirt!!! Amazing! And you deserve a little splurge :)