Sunday, September 15, 2013

A letter....

Dear Fall,

You are almost here.  And while I hate to rush days like this.......

I will welcome you with open arms.

When you arrive, I plan to wear the heck outta my new boots......

Drape scarves over cozy sweaters.........


And buy lots of fancy pumpkins for my porch.......

But I'll be honest.  I've sort of cheated.

I couldn't wait for your crisp fall temps to get here, so I had to at least sample some tastes of autumn to tide me over.

Like those pumpkin spice M&M's that Target carries......

And then there was the locally roasted coffee I bought.........

I might have even ordered a pumpkin spice latte (or two) from Starbucks.

It's because I love you.

You are my favorite.  (Except we need to talk about that whole having-to-rake-leaves thing.)

See you soon!



still being [molly]


  1. Awww...I wasn't ready until I ordered a Pumpkin Spice latte, and then I suddenly felt like it was okay to let go of summer. :)

    I've been eyeing those same boots! Are they comfortable?

  2. Fall is my favorite too! Bring on the boots, cardigans, pumpkin everything, cooler temps & those beautiful colors! Love your new boots!:)

  3. I snagged those boots, too! Love them. I'm so ready for fall. I busted out the pumpkin-scented candles today; I couldn't wait any longer. The weather the past couple days has been hinting at those autumn breezes and falling leaves....*sigh*

  4. The more I eat the M&Ms the more I like them. It is too hot for me to really enjoy the pumpkin spice latte (though I have once). One of the few reasons I am in favor of cooler temps. Have you tried the white mocha pumpkin thing from Caribou? It is more like dessert than a drink.
    Those boots are cute!!

  5. SOOOOOO excited for everything fall related!!!

  6. So feeling everything about this post! Ready for sweaters and bonfires and boots!!

  7. Oh my goodness....yes!!! Bring it on! I'm really excited about all the pumpkin decorating this year. Fall is going to be awesome!

  8. pumpkin everything!!! :)
    I decorated my house for halloween on september 1st...I physically could not wait any longer. haha

  9. Yes, yes, YES!!! I couldn't agree with you more. Now I'm heading to Target later to find some fall/Halloween stuff that I don't really need...but hey, that's what Target is all about right?! LOVE that dang store!

  10. I am so excited about FALL!

    Apple Cider (hot and cold), pecan pie, peanut butter cookies, apple cider donuts... APPLE PICKING... Pumpkin picking... pumpkin carving/painting.. my birthday.. Halloween!

    Raking leaves.. not my fav...
    But everything else...

    Total win!

  11. Even though summer is my favorite, I have to agree with you - I love fall.

  12. girrrrrrrrrrrlllllllll.. I have the same boots.. how do we wear them?? Please advise...

    1. Okay............I pinned a few ideas on my "I should wear this board". I tried finding you on Pinterest, but you didn't come up in my search.....

      The ideas I saw were to cuff the jeans just above the boots........or wear with cute socks peeking out over leggings or jeggings!!!

  13. Noooo! I'm not ready for the weather change. I like summer. Dread the fall rains and long cold winter days.

  14. I agreeeeee!!!! Except ditto on the raking leaves part. (Cute boots!)

  15. Fall, it is on the way! Of course, after this post, I kind of wish it would hurry up a bit more. Those boots are heavenly!

  16. Those M&Ms are the devil!!! LOL! And bring on the scarves!!!

  17. i complain about the end of summer but then I secretly love all these things as well. but it's gotta happen in secret because i'd never wanna piss summer off, i'm too in love!