Sunday, September 29, 2013

Love and Hate


Fallifying the front porch with fairy tale pumpkins and mums.

And farmers' market flowers on my dining room table.


That the special room is all junked up again.

I go through these phases where it's all clean.  And I can leave the door open.  And people can see it.

Then we have company or something.

And I use it to hide piles of laundry.  Or my hoarded thrifted finds that haven't quite made it to the booth yet.

I'm so ashamed.

still being [molly]


  1. Be not ashamed. It's part of the business.

  2. Lol, my "Office" is that room...I'm SO bad! Love the fall decorations though!


  3. Those pumpkins are so cool and they look great next to those lovely mums! And at least the special room got to be on display for a little bit. That's better than nothing!
    Side note-you should see my sun room right now. I wish there weren't so many dang windows! It's a mess!

  4. The fall decor looks so pretty! I also sometimes just throw stuff into a room then have to take an entire day to clean it once it gets piled up :/

  5. can't beat fall- at least your mess is isolated to one room- mine is everywhere!

    1. HA! Mine WAS everywhere, til I threw it in that room!

  6. I totally feel your pain.......I do the same thing!!!!! Is there a 12-step program????

  7. i so know that feeling it will get better lol look at another room lol

  8. love all the fairytale pumpkins...they are my favorite!

  9. My junk room is the spare guest bedroom, but I'm proud of myself, just last week I got it all nice and orderly again!

  10. I decorated my porch and yard for fall this week too! And don't feel bad, you should see our "special room". It is shameful.

  11. The special room :). I have plenty of rooms like that as well..special and filled with clutter. What's going on with the laundry room?

  12. Yeah, well... I guess I should feel pretty special... in that I have an entire "special" house. Damn.