Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thrifting Frenzy

Sometimes dreamy coats jump out at you at the thrift.  Then they don't fit quite right.  (Orangutan arms are the worst.)

But you buy them anyway.........

Cheap luggage always finds its way home........

Manly things sell really well in the booth, so I try to always watch for those types of items.......

Furniture usually gets snapped up pretty quickly too.  And you don't find tilt top tables that often.....

Carpet bags and tufted pillows are always on my list.......

And then there's some other random items that have either already sold or are in the booth now..........

Before you know it, I'll be decorating the booth for Christmas!  Relics Christmas Open House is in just a few weeks!

I can't wait to deck the halls!!!

still being molly


  1. Goodness, gracious! Once again I just love it all!

  2. Great finds, especially that coat!!! I can relate to the long arm issue. :/ Is there any extra fabric in the hem to be able to have it lengthened? My lazy man's solution is to wear a long sleeved shirt that I let poke out the bottom of the sleeves. At least we can reach things better, right?? ;)

    1. HA! So true! Handy for putting dishes away on the top shelf. All kinds of stuff! I'll have to inspect the coat a little better........someone mentioned they were made shorter so ladies could show off their fancy gloves in that era!!!

  3. All great finds. Love the blue luggage

  4. Love it all! Particularly that coat. I wouldn't resist it either. And the luggage is awesome too, and the carpet bag... ;) Thanks for linking up to Vintage Bliss Tuesdays! Jo

  5. Great finds--awesome coat and beautiful table. What fun!

  6. That yellow toiletries case at the bottom...we had a pink one and a brown one my parents got when they got married. My parents gave them away when they retired and moved. Loved them!