Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thrifting Frenzy

Between yard sales and thrift shops, summer hunting has been great!  I even have a friend who knows what I like, and she found some goodies for me recently!  I really appreciate that, as she has helped keep my stock of suitcases flowing!  And another friend who is moving GAVE me some items that were once in her Etsy shop.  I have some really great friends.

All this free time has me making frequent trips to the booth!  It is packed with summer clothing, pitchers for tea or lemonade, and lots of afghans for picnics........

I am really working on purging........not hoarding, so I am proud to say that all of these finds are already in the booth or have sold!!!

I sure love this silly hobby of mine.

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  1. If you ever find a set of those silver or copper canisters for sugar, flour, tea, and coffee I'll definitely snag the set from you!

  2. I love the golden colored pitcher and matching glasses!

  3. Wonderful finds! And I love the idea of a picnic with an afghan and vintage pitchers. So lovely! Good for you for selling off your finds. I'm doing a big-time purge, but I haven't hit the vintage goods...yet... ;)

  4. Shoot! I meant to check out that little shirt before I left town. That is such a great find!