Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Good and Bad of Autumn

If that ain't a perfect pumpkin, I don't know what is! Kenny and I went to the "pumpkin patch" in Republic on Sunday and found this beauty! See how perfectly proportioned it is??? And I love how the stem is longer! I was very excited when I spotted it and got even more excited when I discovered that it was only $3.00! I found another one for my classroom that is also quite nice. Pumpkins are definitely another thing I like.

Leaves are another story. I love how they turn orange, red, and yellow with the green ones still mixed in! The color of fall trees is another favorite, BUT raking those leaves once they've turned brown and are covering my yard is NOT one of my favorite things. I guess it's my fault. When house hunting, one requirement was that I had to have beautiful mature trees. I really wanted a neighborhood lined with trees, and I found one! Trees all around! I have 3 in my front yard and 3 in the backyard. And I love them.......with two exceptions: fall raking duties and winter ice storm clean up. But before I start thinking about ice and snow, I need to focus on the current situation: leaves are starting to fall. Since I have 6 trees, that means I have about a billion leaves. And since I don't care to rake all that often, it means that it usually doesn't get finished any time soon! So this year maybe I'll turn over a new leaf (hahaha....) and maybe I'll be done raking by at least Thanksgiving! I know, maybe I should have a raking party! Anybody up for some fun???? I'd even make snacks! Let the raking begin!


  1. No way. You've already clued us in on how you have frequent snake visitors in your yard. And since you learn much when you teach, I've recently learned more details than I'll ever need to know about habits of some pretty thuggy looking spiders. I'm speaking about hairy ones that prefer to hang out on the undersides of leaves and rocks.

    I'll be at home while you people rake.

  2. What if I make your FAVORITE cheeseball and sprinkle spider repellent on my lawn beforehand???????????

  3. So... what happens if you don't rake? Hmmm... because I have two very large trees in my front and one in the back as well as the neighbors. I don't really have time to focus on the tedious task of raking, so would my yard just be extremely well fertilized due to the decomposition taking place?

  4. What a pretty pumpkin! The raking is not something that I miss! I guess if you were offering cheeseball I might be able to lend a hand!