Thursday, October 23, 2008

Haiku Wars

Recently, I taught my class about the art of haiku poetry. They caught on really fast and loved it! There's only one problem! It has become a war of boys vs. girls.

It all began with one little boy writing a hilarious haiku about girls. I had him read it aloud. The girls became wide-eyed during his recitation, and their jaws dropped! Thus, the poetry war began. The girls retaliated in huge numbers. I had haiku's being handed to me left and right. Then the boys began firing back! It's been an ongoing battle for about a week:


Girls are disgusting.
All they want to do is shop.
Girls are really weird.


Boys are really gross.
They are dirty, loud, and mean.
Boys are annoying.

Here's what I'm thankful for..........They are writing up a storm! They are following the rules for haiku's! They are writing poetry for goodness sake! Let the haiku war continue............


  1. That is awesome! Way to spark some interest in writing! Such a good teacher: )

  2. While I appreciate the efforts of your boys and girls of 2008-09, I must say that NO ONE will ever top the Haiku brilliance emerging from your classroom walls last year. It remains legendary.

    I repeat:

    Do not kill that bear
    I won't let people kill bears
    Please help me do that

  3. OH, how I CRACK UP OUT LOUD BY MYSELF (alone at my house). I had forgotten that Pulitzer Prize winning piece! Now it is documented for everyone on the World Wide Web. I am still laughing. Legendary is the word!