Sunday, October 19, 2008

Three Down, One To Go

Marching band season is in it's last two weeks. We've been to three competitions and have one left. Saturday was spent at MSU. We got 3rd place in prelims and advanced to finals. In finals, the kids kicked it into high gear, and we ended up 2nd. Advancing in finals is exciting, especially when you're beating bands that have previously beat you! Oh, and here's a HUGE shout out to Kenny, who spent the entire day at the competition.

This coming weekend will be the St. Louis at the Dome. It's an overnighter, so it will be the longest weekend of them all, with parent/teacher conference week to follow! AHHHHH! The only saving grace is that we get Halloween OFF. NO SCHOOL!


  1. That's great news about your competion this weekend. So happy for you that you are almost through the busiest part of your year. You'll be able to breathe soon, eh?!

  2. Way to go! What a great coach!! Have fun with the over nighter!!!!