Thursday, November 13, 2008

Too Hot!

The best weight loss plan on the planet? Being sick! Seriously, not eating for two days will definitely help in that area. Not that I was trying, but looking on the positive side of a 101 degree temperature (thus, the blog title), that's the only good thing I could come up with.

This is my first attempt at sitting upright, so I thought I'd check my email and get back into reality for a few minutes. I COULD be preparing to work the concessions at the Eagle's concert tonight, but unfortunately, whatever this sickness was took over. Hopefully, I won't have to crawl to my classroom tomorrow to scrawl some lesson plans down for a sub.

While being home for two days, between the naps and sips of Sprite, I've gotten reacquainted with daytime television! The Muppets were on the Today Show........there's nothing like Kermit at 7 am. Ellen celebrated her 900th episode! And Yakov, I've learned (from a commercial played repeatedly), is getting his own "talk show." Whitney, I KNOW you're all over that!

Okay, I think my sitting up time has run it's course. I think it's time to go lay back down.


  1. Are you still sick? Can I come over and catch the sickness because I am trying to lose weight?!?!?! Wouldn't you know the girl that doesn't need to lose any does so......darn you! Hope you feel better!

  2. So glad you're back. I'm surprised, after your experience these past two days, that I didn't see you in the nurse's flu shot clinic this a.m. I got my arm poked. Not you? hahahaha!

    Danavee's a weenie.

  3. So glad you were back today. I was very jealous that you got sick however. I seem to get sick during the summer, why o' why can't I puke my guts out during this time of the year!?

  4. Danavee, I'm so sorry you have been sick. Daytime tv can be great! I hope you are feeling great for the week-end. What you described sounded like what was going around at Joe's school.