Friday, April 17, 2009

How Fitting.....

There really are no words to describe this video! The note from a few weeks ago made me laugh a LOT, but this video? I almost fell off the couch.....


  1. This is Emma's new favorite commercial for two reasons.

    1) It presents a tune that is gyration-worthy.
    2) Aaaand it offers repeated appearances of SpongeBob, a.k.a. "Ba-Bob".

  2. The Burger King king always creeps me out.
    And how do I add Whitney as a friend on here? She is a friend of my site, but I can't figure out what to click to add her. I am not so great at using blogger.

  3. I am TOTALLY with you on the Burger King......that mask is majorly creepy! there a "follow" button to click on? Or on your "dashboard" is there a spot for "following" blogs? I think that's what I clicked on! Maybe I can help you at school tomorrow!