Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Little Encouragement

This week was a big week in the world of education. The MAP test came to town. All my teacher friends will understand.

Teachers come up with many tactics in order to perpetuate a positive attitude towards this "standardized" test. One way to foster motivation is to have parents write encouragement letters to their child. Each morning the kiddo opens a note from a parent........and hopefully the kiddo is inspired and motivated to do their best on the state achievement test based upon what their parents have written. Mostly, the notes are sweet, loving, and very encouraging. The kids LOVE these notes. They save them and reread them all week long. These notes are special, and the kiddos really do treasure them.

Very few letters, however, are hysterical.

I give you my very first incredibly fantastical hilarious MAP encouragement letter:

Uhhh...............How great is that? I'm pretty sure there will never be another MAP encouragement letter that makes any teacher laugh quite as hard as I did this morning. We do have one more week of testing though.

Thank you, Ms. D. for making MY day and your daughter's!