Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Umm.....would you "werther" have a grape Jolly Rancher or a tasty toffee treat???

Whitney prefers grape candy to Werther's Originals!

I know! I'm shocked too!

It all began with my suggestion of Werther's as a tasty treat for the classroom candy dish.........I innocently offered my opinion, that her students would love and cherish the toffee treat, if it was an option!

Then THIS was slipped under my door today.

Apparently, she is NOT a fan of the Werther's Originals. They make her want to gag. And I can only assume this is a self-portrait of her gagging on the tasty toffee goodness.

I quickly ate one of the eyeballs. I'm saving the other one for tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. To clarify, the first Werther's candy is deceivingly "semi-tasty". It's the second one, immediately following, that I have to spit out because of the undeniable vomit reflex. Maybe most people don't sit down and eat hard candy in one sitting like it's going out of style though. This was my mistake.

    To sum it up, Werther's is an excellent "Dieter's Candy". You can only eat one. You could build a whole ad campaign around it. Slogans, catchy jingles...

    On the other hand, if the executives at Werther's don't like the idea of this advertising route, Werther's would transition very well as the "Bulemic's Candy". Consumption of two candies in a row is as good as sticking your finger between your tonsils.