Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Skinny jeans
  • When they first arrived on store shelves, I vowed to NEVER even try on a pair.
  • Now I have three different pair, in an assortment of colors.

A good cheese slicer

  • I used to struggle with slicing my Velveeta. My slicer was too cheap!
  • I now slice happily and freely. I think of Whitney and smile every time I slice. Thanks, Whit.

One cup of coffee every morning
  • I have to add just the right amount of French Vanilla creamer.
  • I go to great lengths to make sure I never run out of instant Folgers packets or French Vanilla creamer.
  • If I don't have it, the morning just doesn't feel right. It's not a wake up thing. It's more like a ritual thing.

Occasional trips to St. George's donut shop
  • A year ago, after running an errand, I happened upon St. George's. It was in the middle of the house painting project. I knew mom and dad would be waiting for me at my house to begin another day of painting. I wanted to surprise them with a treat. I walked in, and my life changed forever.
  • As a child, my sister and I would ride our bikes to a local, hometown donut shop close to our house. They made the best cherry bear claws. It's the only thing I ever ordered. Alas, they closed their doors, and bear claws were no more.................
  • Until my trip to St. George's......................My heart started to race and my eyes bulged out of my head when I saw what LOOKED like my childhood love: the cherry bear claw. I ordered half a dozen.
  • They were just as I remembered them. I go there often now. Thank you St. George's.

Bouquets from the Farmer's Market
  • Every once in awhile, I have to buy fresh flowers for my house. I do this a few times a year.
  • The Farmer's Market is the best place to get them. The bouquets are beautiful, CHEAP, and make me smile every time I look at them!


  1. The cheese slicer is vital, and it was my pleasure to supply it for you.

    Oh, and I must be upholding your vow to never try on the skinny jeans. Never. This is also my pleasure. :)

  2. I too vow to never try on the skinny jeans, never will I go there!

    I might have to venture to St. George's after that great description.

    Fun blog!

  3. Love St. George's. When mom is on that end of town we always get a surprise. I love love love my skinny jeans as well... I must ask about this cheese slicing device. And love the fact that you got some flowers, we must go again soon.

  4. My husband LOVES St.George's as well... I love any doughnut, so I do too! I visited your favorite antique store and thought it was delightful! Also, your flowers are beautiful. What farmer's market do you go to?