Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Unveiling

I'm ready to unveil the house, since it is finally finished! This project consumed 85% of the month of June, but I think it was well worth it! Talk about CURB APPEAL! I still have some landscaping projects to complete, but I might take July off from home improvement!


A lovely yellow! Not bad, just not me!


Thank goodness for Kenny's power-washing skills! It is harder than it looks! Just about knocked me off my feet the first time I tried it! I'm sure neighbors were cracking up if they happened to catch a glimpse of that!

Another shout out to mom and dad who helped paint!!!! They spent so much time over here, they probably don't want to come again for months! We ruined a few paint brushes (bad cleaning-them-out skills) and demolished a ladder (mishap with dad...which neighbors did see) but overall, it went pretty smoothly (except that silly storm door).


TA DAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much better!


  1. It looks fantastic! I love your new color. The door looks great.

  2. Gorgeous! Well worth the hard work, you!

  3. I just saw it first hand and it looks so good. I know a lot of work went into it and it turned out wonderful!!!

  4. Now you get to help me!!! Aren't you so excited!?? No, your house looks amazing and I am excited you have gotten to check quite a few things off your to do list. Mine just seems to be getting larger, perhaps I should get off my butt and start working in the yard a little.