Sunday, July 13, 2008

Garage Sale Fashion Show

When 5 friends get together for a garage sale, and customers are few, craziness ensues! We decided it would be fun to dress up in our own garage sale items for a fashion show........with Whitney's driveway as our catwalk.

Whitney sported two fashions on garage sale day. The first ensemble consisted of every single basket we could find. She wore a lovely basket on each leg, as well as her arms and head. To finish off this unique look, she held a heart shaped basket. The second look was made up of a woven straw hat, a handmade boa, and a plastic E II lunch bag. We felt the orange bag matched her shirt and shorts very well. Surprisingly, the boa and hat did not sell. Nor did any of the baskets.

Andrea decided to go a little more formal. For her strut down the catwalk, she donned a stunning gown, once worn as a bridesmaid's dress. In addition to the dress, she held a Curious George doll (since monkeys are the latest accessory). To top off her fashion statement, she found a brown hat that went nicely with the monkey's fur. Strangely enough, none of these selections sold either.

We took a break from the catwalk to do a posed shot of Terri........mainly due to the incredibly unique stool she chose for her photo shoot. Not only is the barrel a stool, it is also a cooler! It can hold many cans of your favorite frosty beverage. In addition to the cooler/stool, Terri modeled a hot pink shawl with brooch, knee-high black boots, and a woven straw hat. To reiterate the fact that the barrel was a cooler, Terri chose a bottle as her accessory. Shockingly, the only item that sold was the shawl.

Back on the catwalk, it was my turn to work the runway. In keeping with Terri's shawl look, I draped a tan shawl across my shoulders. A vintage handbag with a delicate silver chain hung from my arm. Brown wedge sandals and a small straw hat completed the ensemble. In true model form, I decided to strike a dramatic pose for the camera. Of all these items, just the sandals found their way to a new home with Andrea.

Last, but not least, we have Ashley's unusual frock. Ashley went unconventional when she broke out the ski mask. Along with the ski mask, she cleverly added a blue denim shirt and tied it at the waist..........and what would a denim shirt be without a black and white purse and picture frame? This unique look closed the show, with the denim shirt selling seconds later.


  1. I have to say, I was really looking forward to seeing your movie on there. You chicken. Hahaa!

  2. It won't post! It does the same thing as last time!

  3. Wonderful writing. You should look into Vogue or someone that writes about fashion shows!!!! I agree with Whitney.....the movie needs to go on!

  4. Love the fashion show!!!! what talented ( or possibly sick ) individuals you guys are!!