Friday, July 18, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame.....

On Thursday, Kenny and I headed up to St. Louis for a Cardinal's game! We decided to rent a car since both of ours could possibly leave us stranded. I really wanted a Charger.......maybe an orange or red one. Kenny wanted a Hummer.......the new H3.......I don't think he cared about the color. Unfortunately, our options were limited, so we went with a PT Cruiser......a car that we often make fun it was pretty ironic that we got stuck with it. But props to the Cruiser! It was a nice ride!

Once we got to the new stadium, we headed to the Bank of America Box. Our tickets were crazy! They were for the box, which was air conditioned, and it was over 90 degrees so we were very thankful for that. They also included an all you can eat buffet and unlimited drinks. Mr. Pibb was on the menu, so I pretty much drank my weight in it. I love that stuff. Kenny enjoyed a new nachos invention that he created. And what's a ballgame without a hot dog? So of course we both had hot dogs!

Once we finished pigging out, we found our seats outside. We had an amazing view of the Arch from our seats. We sat at about third base......I even bought a Cardinal's shirt for the occasion! They were playing the Padres. Cardinal's won 4 to 3. All four points were actual homeruns! We got to see four real homeruns! I was pretty excited! I was also relieved that no foul balls came our way, since I would have had to duck and cover.

So a big, huge thank you goes out to my amazing and wonderful room-mom and dad from this last school year for sending us on this trip! You guys rock!!!! We had so much fun and really appreciated this gift.


  1. I'm really jealous. It looks like you had FUN.

    Did you roll down the windows and cruise around downtown? I'm pretty sure that that is what the car was designed for.

  2. Even better......I opened the sunroof, and Kenny and I took turns popping our heads out!

    Just kidding. It didn't have a sunroof.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Good for you!

  4. What a great present! Sounds like a great time. And what may I ask is the nacho creation???!!!

  5. Kenny's Nachos: pulled pork, cheese sauce, & bbq sauce all heaped on tortilla chips.