Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Toilet Paper and Pepper Spray

Ashley: The non-grass cutter and floating toilet paper house is the SAME HOUSE! They are repeat offenders! I'm scared to mow close to the "fountain of sewer" because I don't want the mower flinging it on me! It's kind of like weed-eating snakes! I don't really want snake to fling on me either, so I try to avoid both! Although it's easier to avoid the moat next door than it is to avoid snakes in my yard.

Andrea: So Bass Pro has pepper spray??? I would never have guessed. I was hoping for a trip to that tactical supply place with you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Stu! Now who will go to the tactical supply place with me?

Whitney: Do you think air horns would work on snakes?


  1. Hey if you still want to take a trip I am game. Could be fun, hard telling what else we could find that we just had to have!!

  2. Airhorns. Hmmm... I guess they would, but not as well as I would've hoped.


    Man, I wish snakes DID have outer ears so I could more practically have ANOTHER application for my air horn affinity. Plus, it'd just be funny.

  3. Did you not know that about Bass Pro? That place has some crazy stuff... Spend an hour there and you come away real educated. Isn't there some law that you can call the police on someone who doesn't mow? I need to check in on that because crazy neighbor guy, yeah its been about 3-4 weeks!!!