Saturday, July 5, 2008

Concerts, Parades, and Silliness

DISCLAIMER: If you read Whit's blog too, you'll be getting a double dose of what you're about to read! We can't help it! We were both there! Oh, and Ashley was too, so maybe even a triple dose!

On Thursday, I headed to St. Louis with Kenny, Whit, and Jim! We were on our way to see Whit's favorite musician of all time: John Mayer! The concert got underway with an opening act (Bret Dennen or something). Then Colbie Caillat put on a little show! After both of those acts, we were ready for the main attraction! Our seats were amazing.........Row D for me and Kenny.........and Whitney and Jim were on the SECOND ROW! The main attraction didn't disappoint, with one Jennifer Aniston sightings.

While we were there, we also had some other fun! Whitney and I demonstrated how to NOT play "Dance Revolution," although Whit always beat me at every round. I've decided that if I ever have a basement, I want one of those contraptions for the "game room." Then we could have Dance Revolution Face-offs! Whitney would win.

We also went to see Kenny perform in the St. Louis Fourth of July Parade! We found really great seats for viewing the army band.....right across from the Arch! AANNNDD while we were waiting for the parade to begin, the silliness began! When cute little flags are passed out to parade watchers (and you have too much time on your hands) you get really creative and silly..............


  1. So great... When can we go again?

    Ohhh, if you DO ever get one of the dance games in your basement, prepare to see A LOT more of me.

  2. Does Kenny have a game system such as PS2 or whatever? Because in college we had DDR and played it ALL the time. It came with two pads and a whole lotta laughing. You could purchase different music and dances. We always had fun and it was a workout. Christmas is coming...

  3. It sounds and looks as though you had so much fun. One question on the they give the hand movements as well because it looked like you were really into that!

  4. Yeah, um... I've ALREADY asked Santa Claus (Jim) for this game this Christmas. Party at my house!

    And then to Danavee's for Rock Band... she's thrown down a challenge, girls.

  5. I may not be able to take you at Dance Revolution, but you are GOING DOWN when it comes to Rock Band. I am a lean, mean drumming machine!